Alban Knox Face, Age, Height, Past identity, Birthday

Who is Alban Knox?
Alban Knox is a famous gaming virtual YouTuber whose channel has gained unprecedented popularity since its recent debut on YouTube in 2022. He is a quirky personality who has taken the internet by storm with his charming look and witty personality. He was created as a part of the fifth wave “Noctyx” of NIJISANJI EN, making him one of the few English v tubers on the platform. Alban Knox Face, Age, Height, Past identity, Birthday and More.

His preferred emojis are the clock emoji and the dual mask emoji, signifying his twisted relationship with flowing time and ‘persona’, the symbolic masks worn by Roman actors in theatrical performances. His nicknames are multiple, including Tenchou, Konkon, Albayan, Alban Neko, Konbini-Kun, and more. His female counterpart is popularly known as Alice.

The internet lore has it that Alban Knox is a Phantom thief who has come to our world from the future and suffers from time travel amnesia. He is a spirit who is friendly yet values his liberty very highly. His mysterious attitude is Central to his personality. Alban is a part of Noctyx and shares his debut with Sonny Brisko, Uki Violeta, Fulgur Ovid, and Yugo Usama.


Alban Knox Wiki

Real Name アルバーン・ノックス
Nickname Konbini-kun, Alban Neko, Albanyan, Alice, Manager, Konkon and Tenchou
Date of Birth 26 May
Age – years as of 2022
Debut Date27/2/2022
Zodiac SignGemini
NationalityWill update
Height175 cm
Profession Vtuber and Twitch Streamer
Famous For Gaming Videos

Alban Knox Past identity

Alban Knox started his YouTube career on 8 February 2022 when his channel was created. It was a mere 9 seconds long. His first video was uploaded on 22nd February 2022. He has also uploaded several shorts on his channel. Alban soon after that uploaded a lore video and an art stream. On the first few of his gaming streams, he played Dishonored and Getting Over It.

Alban has a fan name for his fans and he calls them Takaradachi, meaning that his fans are a treasure to him. The members of his membership – the Konbini crew – enjoy several benefits.

Knox was the third of the Noctyx group when they made their debut. He also has a Twitter and a Reddit account, being the witty person he is. He and the group Noctyx released debut their song Stuck In The Abyss on 26th February 2022.

At present Alban has 359k subscribers on his YouTube channel. By now he has uploaded a huge number of videos shorts and live streams on the channel, being a very active YouTuber. Alban posts almost every day, oftentimes posting multiple contents in a single day. Alban is lovingly called a NIJIpet which he likes better than the alternative, NIJIbaby.

Alban Knox Face

Every VTuber prefers to disguise themselves under the skin of a character. Alban is no exception to this. He also prefers to hide under the appearance of Alban Knox Vtuber’s character. The original person hiding in the dark behind Alban’s I’d have not yet revealed his face to his fandom. Alban Knox is no exception to this and hence, he has not revealed her real face as of yet.

Alban Knox Face
Source – Twitter

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Looks and personality

Alban Knox is a charming guy, who wears a time-traveling suit with olive-tinted goggles.

He has intensely kept-like features, with two cat ears speaking from his light brown hair. One of Knox’s eyes is purple and another is ochre.

He was born on the 26th of May, and his height is 175 cm. His zodiac sign is Gemini.

Personal life

  • Though nothing much is known about v tuber Alban Knox’s family and lineage, fans know a lot about his likes and dislikes.
  • Alban Knox likes dark chocolate, horror and stealth games, reading Manga and watching anime, and beautiful shiny things. However bad weather irritates him. Cold and damp weather is what is indicated in this strong dislike.
  • You also hate being late. He is irritated by spiders and loud noises. He needs a baby temperature for his drinks as hot drinks hurt his throat.
  • He has a long list of games that he enjoys playing, and this includes the Resident Evil series, Forbidden Siren series, Professor Layton, Valiant, and Taiko No Tatsujin.
  • His favorite music is city pop, Rock, and metal. He equally enjoys Takayan, like cheating is a crime, underdog, what’s the meaning of life, toy, and Camellia.
  • Being an average anime watcher, he enjoys Fullmetal Alchemist, Initial D, Clannad Afterstory, Nana, great pretender, Tokyo revengers, etc.
  • He is close to debuting mate Sonny Brisko whom he often refers to as Onii Chan. Sonny calls him Otouto.

Social Media

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Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. Is Alban Knox British?

Alban Knox is a famous gaming English virtual YouTuber whose channel has gained unprecedented popularity since its recent debut on YouTube in 2022.

Q. Can Alban Knox speak Japanese?

Yes, Alban Knox can speak Japanese.

Q. How old is Alban Knox?

He was born on the 26th of May and the year was not revealed.

Q. When did Alban Knox become active on Twitter?

Alban Knox made his first tweet on 22nd February 2022.

Q. Who was Alban Knox’s character illustrated by?

The character designer behind Alban Knox’s beautiful visuals was Oyo.

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