Andrew Camarata Wiki, Age, Wife, Net Worth

Andrew Camarata is an American Youtuber who was born in Saugerties in the city of New York in The United States of America on 12th November 1985. He completed his studies by doing a degree in the field of Computer Science and after that, he chose not to follow the path of his degree instead he got driven by his passion.

His father owned a business that was around mechanical works involving machinery and engines to be fixed. He was driven by his father’s profession at a very young age and started to learn different skills from his father about mechanical work. Now Andrew has a company that he owns that does work in the same field as his father did and also his content on YouTube is full of vlogs of the work he is doing. This has earned him a unique audience of his own. Currently, he is at the peak of his YouTube career as believed by him at the age of 37 years.


Andrew Camarata Wiki

Real Name Andrew Camarata
Nickname Andrew
Date of Birth 12 November 1985
Age as of 202237 years
Birthplace Saugerties, New York, United States
EthnicityWill update
Profession Youtuber
Net Worth$1-$1.5 Million
Monthly Earning$20k-$25k

Height and Weight

Andrew Camarata’s height is 176 cm tall which is around 5 feet and 8 inches when converted. As known from him he weighs around 144 Pounds which when converted is 65 Kilograms. The color of his eyes are green which is pretty unique and along with those pretty eye color, he has brown hair. Makes him one of the most pleasing faces to look at in the YouTube scene.

Family and Early life

Since childhood, Andrew Camarata is one of the biggest admirers of his father’s profession of mechanical work. His name is Andrew B Camarata. His other parent is his mother, there is no information available because he has never shared anything about her. He has grown up with two of his siblings whose names Alison and Shelagh.

Although it has never been mentioned by him anywhere by his date of birth, we can assume that Scorpio is the zodiac sign he belongs to. About his education the only thing know is that he had a degree in Computer Science but from which college or school he has done any of his studies is unknown.


Andrew Camarata is a YouTube Celeb with at the moment has 1.21 Million subscribers to his YouTube channel. Apart from YouTube, he owns a company of his own which makes him a businessman. He puts his training in the business of property sustaining to the full show in the content of his YouTube channel.

On YouTube, he is considered to be one of the most beloved creators of the content type he is currently into. With over a million views on each of the videos, he posts he is also showing exponential growth and things only are looking up for him at this moment in his career.

Andrew Camarata Wife

He is a bachelor and has never had any history of broken marriages. About his dating life, he has not mentioned anything about him having a girlfriend so we can consider that he is single.


  • The rising young YouTube star has released some shirts and cups of his brand which are available for sale on the official website of the creator.
  • A huge part of his audience consists of people between the age of 18 years old to 25 years old. Out of his whole audience, almost 30 percent are males 18 to 25 years old and the female audience is low.
  • Almost 66 percent of his audience is from his own country that is America and the next huge audience he has is from India almost 14 percent of his total.
  • In the last thirty of his videos that he has posted he has an average of around 1.11 million viewers.


Who is Andrew Camarata?

Andrew Camarata is an American Youtuber who was born in Saugerties in the city of New York in The United States of America on 12th November 1985.

How old is Andrew Camarata?

As of 2022, He is 37 years old.

Is Andrew Camarata married?

No, as of now is unmarried.

What is his estimated monthly YouTube income?

Looking at his number he earns around 30,000 Dollars monthly.

How many are his total views in his YouTube career?

At the moment his channel has got a total of 542 Million views.

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