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Chibidoki is a self-taught VTuber who made her debut on July 3rd, 2021. On her Twitch channel, she does various things like play games, pretends to be a man, makes gremlin noises, and screams. A mystical cyber-dragon girl noted for her extraordinary energy, beautiful model, and amusing demeanor. Chibidoki Face, Wiki, Age, Height, Gender, Instagram, Chibi Doki Vtuber, Discord, Twitter and More.

She’s the leader of a dragon’s army stranded on human territory! Her objective is to open a portal that will enable her to travel to her home. She’s now posing as a beautiful VTuber to get degenerates to help her develop her gateway back to the house and join her dragon army!


ChibiDoki Wiki

Real Name Chibidoki
Nickname Chibi, Gremlin, Chihuahua, Cheebs, and Cringetube
Date of Birth 30th June 2000
Age 21 years as of 2022
Birthplace Will update
NationalityWill update
Zodiac SignCancer
Profession Youtuber
Famous For Youtube Videos

Chibidoki Height

Chibidoki height is 152 cm (5’0″).


She has pink hair with two long twin tails, one with a white ribbon all around the top and the other with a red ribbon around the bottom. Her hair is styled with “M”-shaped bangs in the front and a slight ahoge curl on top. She also possesses crystal-like medium upward-pointing horns on her head, charming pointed ears, large crystal-blue eyes with sigils, and a delicate and adorable oval face.

She’s dressed in a magical girl attire that shows her midriff in a heart shape and is sleeveless, and she’s wearing a considerable magenta and light-pink ribbon with a blue heart pendant around her neck. It’s mostly pink, white, and light pink in hue, with two lengthy leaf-like embellishments just below the cutout, primarily light pink at the bottom, with a single frilly white and dark pink frill all around the base. She also wears simple white tube socks halfway to her legs and pink feathery ballerina shoes with half-white bows on the worn sides.

Chibidoki Face

She has not shared any picture in this world of the internet. Still, her real face isn’t revealed, and she always uploads animated pictures to herself. Furthermore, she doesn’t like to reveal her face to the media or the public. Chibidoki is no exception to this and hence, she has not revealed her face as of yet. However, she has made public a lot of real-life details about herself, some of which are mentioned below.

chibidoki face reveal
Source – Twitter

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Facts to know about her: –

  • She has so many Nicknames like Chibi, Gremlin, Chihuahua, Cheebs, and Cringetube.
  • This interesting character is the general of a dragon army.
  • Chibi Doki is the real name of this character who is from America.
  • This funny and gorgeous character is popular for her wholesome character, and also for her lewd jokes.
  • Chibi doki the real woman behind this character has a crush on Nyanners.
  • She was born on 30th June 2000.
  • She normally plays games on the Twitch platform.
  • She has 8.7k members on her discord server.

Social Media

She has great followers on her Youtube channel, which is more than 140K subscribers. On Twitch, she has more than 158k followers and on Twitter, she has 63k followers.

InstagramWill update
TwitterVisit Now
TwitchVisit Now
RedditWill update
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Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. Who is Chibidoki?

Chibidoki is a self-taught VTuber character, who debuted on July 3rd, 2021.

Q. How old is Chibi Doki?

This character is only 21 years old.

Q. What are some nicknames of Chibidoki?

Some handles are Chibi, Gremlin, Cheebs, Cringetuber, and Chihuahua.

Q. What is Chibidoki’s height?

The height is 152 cm (5’0″).

Q. What is Chibidoki’s debut date?

The actual debut date is 2021/07/03.

Q. What is the zodiac sign of Chibi Doki?

The zodiac sign of the Chibidoki is Cancer.

Q. What is Chibi Doki’s Twitch viewership record?

4750 Peak Viewers is Chibidoki’s all-time Twitch audience record (Jan 31, 2022).

Q. What is the earning status of Chibi Doki on the twitch platform?

Creators currently have no data on Chibidoki’s net wealth or Twitch earnings.

Q. On Twitch, how much does Chibi Doki stream?

Just Chatting, Visage, and Mario Kart 8 Deluxe are some of Chibidoki’s favorite games to broadcast.

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