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Electroboom has made for itself a name and place which is unique in the world of celebrities. And yet he has a special place in the heart of people of all ages and backgrounds. Well, who is Electroboom? Electroboom is quite famous as a YouTuber for making hilariously painful comic electronics video tutorials for educational purposes online. 

His videos are mainly watched by a large number of children, although Anyone from any background watching these videos will not be able to help to laugh till their tummy aches. He speaks beautifully and is very transparent about himself, which draws users to his content. He makes DIY and vlogging videos along with comedy skits and also has many helpful tutorials for safe education for children. Some of the things he does are never to be replicated at home by youngsters, however. 

Many comedy skits employ sarcasm and farce, which can be extremely dangerous if someone tries to replicate them. Therefore, some parental supervision is always required while watching videos involving electrical machinery. However, no one can deny that electro booms work has saved many children from boredom and given them a newfound curiosity about the world of STEM sciences.


Electroboom Wiki

Real Name Mehdi Sadaghdar
Nickname Electroboom
Date of Birth 13 January 1977
Age as of 202245 years
Birthplace Isfahan, Iran
Zodiac SignCapricorn
EthnicityWill update
Profession YouTuber
Net Worth$1-$2 Million
Monthly Earning$20k-$25k

Early life

Electroboom’s real name is Mehdi Sadaghdar, and he is an Iranian Canadian electrical engineer. He was born and brought up in Isfahan, Iran. Not much is known about the early life of Electro boom, although it can be inferred that he must have had a life devoted to scientific curiosity from a very young age. 

He may want to bring a similar storytelling attitude to other scientifically curious minds and provide them with information in a way that people of his childhood were denied. He has mustard and energetic childhood, which was not unturned by a few hardships, since a strong personality and profound life skills are what we can easily see in his work and speech.

Is Electroboom qualified?

Mehdi received a degree of BASc, or bachelor of Applied sciences, from the University of Tehran in 1999. However, the second half of his higher education was concluded in Canada at Simon Fraser University, where he earned a MASc or master of Applied sciences degree in 2006. Currently, Electroboom, the famous Youtuber and comedian, is 45 years old.


It has been quite some time since Electra boom joined the world of YouTube. Mehdi was inspired by his friends starting YouTube to start his own bacon in 2007. His first video came out on June 23, 2007. He also has a Patreon and Odysee. His videos are usually unscheduled, but he always keeps posting. Later on, his video came out in 2012 and was called “Don’t worry, it’s just ESD.”

Currently, he has 5 million YouTube subscribers and 190+ videos on his channel. His most viewed video is How Not To Make An Electric Guitar which has over 20 million views. At this point, he has made quite a lot of money from his ElectroBOOM and Mehditation channel, with around 515 million views on the former.

He has made a number of high-profile projects on his channel, including creating an entire Tesla Coil at home. He always advises people to use protective gear and proper equipment while creating or working with machinery.

Electroboom Wife and Daughter

As opposed to the very different world of his childhood, Electro now lives in a completely Western atmosphere in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Electroboom has a family of 3, including his wife and daughter. His wife, Sara Nafisi, married him on September 16, 1999. His daughter Yona, popularly known by his fans as ElectroCUTE, features in his videos as his assistant and also provides him with background piano music for all his work.

Marital StatusMarried
WifeSara Nafisi
ChildrenDaughter – Yona

Net worth

Electroboom has an estimated net worth of $825.90 thousand. His actual net worth of Mehdi has never been publicly declared. Therefore different sources have resorted to using different calculations and statistical methods to figure out how much could be the possible network of the popular creator Electroboom.

Our calculations have come from online video sources that rely on valid data to conclude that $800-$900 thousand is the total net worth of Electro. He makes around $500-$600 per month through his second channel, which also amounts to around $5500 to $6500 early. However, his net worth can easily be quite more than this number, as other sources have also concluded that Electroboom owns a total property value of $1.30 million.


  • Mehdi Sadaghdar has black eyes and hair with quite a receding hairline.
  • He is popular for doing real-life projects on his channel, which draws more creators and audiences to his platform.
  • He is famous for creating kids’ wear. The main character gets a shock or, at times, starts a fire for comedic effect.
  • In August 2020, he created a video demonstrating a short tour of his new house.
  • As he mentions on his Instagram handle, he has a magnificent unibrow.
  • He has 107k followers on his Instagram channel, with 91 posts and 49 followings.
  • Electro bomb has 536k likes on his Facebook page.
  • His channel reached 100000 subscribers in 2013, and he received the silver play button.
  • The zodiac sign of Electroboom is Capricorn.
  • Electroboom being an Electrical engineer, has also received shocks in real life. The worst shocks he ever received were up to 220VAC.
  • However, most information about his body measurements is not available online. We will update more about his body measurements, height, weight, etc., on this page whenever it is confirmed from sources.
  • His videos mostly revolve around everything he has learned through experience as an electrical engineer, and he wants to pass them on to younger minds.


Who is Electroboom?

Electroboom is quite famous as a YouTuber for making hilariously painful comic electronics video tutorials for educational purposes online. 

Who is the guy behind ElectroBOOM?

Mehdi Sadaghdar

How old is ElectroBoom?

As of 2022, he is 45 years old.

Where is Electroboom from?

Isfahan, Iran

How much does Electroboom earn?

According to the most reliable source, he earned himself a net worth of $800k to $900k.

Where did Electroboom grow up?

He is an Iranian Canadian who grow up in Isfahan, Iran.

Does Electroboom like children?

He content is mainly catered towards children, and he is someone who enjoys the company of children a lot. The script of it in videos and the jokes he makes are also very child friendly and show how comfortable he is around children.

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