Elira Pendora Face Reveal, Age, Height, Nationality, identity

Who is Elira Pendora?
Elira Pendora is an English female Virtual YouTuber and she has an affiliation with the first wave of NIJISANJI EN known as “LazuLight”. She made her debut along with Pomu Rainpuff and Finana Ryugu. She is known to be a sky dragon. She has come from the heavens nearest to the sun. She is very kind and receptive and these two qualities have helped her to spread the light of a sunny day equally on everyone. Her official website is nijisanji.jp.

The most used emoji by Pendora is the cloud and sun ?️. This cute Libra girl is 160cm tall which is equivalent to 6’2 inches. Elira Pendora was the second member of that group. She has established her online presence only on Twitter and Twitch. She has a Youtube channel which she started almost a year ago.


Elira Pendora Wiki

Real Name エリーラ ペンドラ
Nickname Ewiwa, Eli and Sheesh Dragon
Date of Birth 16 October
Age – years as of 2022
Debut Date16/05/2021
Zodiac SignLibra
NationalityWill update
Height160 cm
Profession Vtuber Youtuber
Famous For Gaming Videos

Elira Pendora Face Reveal

Elira Pendora is a Youtuber in the virtual world and she is associated with the NIJISANJI EN where most of the Youtubers keep their identity hidden for personal reasons. It was the same case for Elira Pendora. She has kept her fans waiting for a long time for her face reveal. Some people say that she has already done an accidental face reveal on Twitter.

According to many Japanese Websites, we have a few theories regarding her identity. From those websites, we get to know that the real name of Elira Pendora is Ryuusai Nova and she is also known as Saku. The reason given behind this is that the gameplays and her social media handles have a lot of similarities. It is believed by LazuLight fans that Ryuusai Nova is Elira Pendora herself.

However, we have no official confirmation which confirms the fact that Ryuusai Nova is Elira Pendora. It is just fan theory and we are still waiting for Elira Pendora to do the official face reveal.

Elira Pendora Face Reveal
Source – Twitter


After her debut, she first started streaming on Youtube on the 16th of May. She did not take such a time to reach her first milestone of 100k subscribers which she achieved by the 4th of June. She became the quickest streamer in NIJISANJI to reach 100k. After some days, she faced some technical issues with her Youtube account.

And due to this problem, she started streaming for the first time on Twitch on the 7th of July.
Presently, her Youtube channel has been subscribed to by around 398k people. She crossed her 300k milestone on the 24th of March. Her first video on Youtube was a Shorts Video that was posted on the 15th of May. After that, she did her debut stream on the 16th of May. That first stream has got 84k views along with 23k likes.

Elira Pendora identity

Elira Pendora tends to have a relatively calm and composed nature. She has a slightly cheeky sense of humor. She supports all her fellow streamers with some frequent compliments. Herself, she is a bit mischievous and she enjoys the way she teases her viewers who come to her live stream.

Facts about Her

  • Elira is a Dragon Trainer and the name of her companion is Pikl. Pikl is one of the dragons trained by Elira.
  • The people who are his fans are called “FamElira”. This word is nothing but the combination of the two words – “Family” and Elira.
  • Elira made her debut through the rendition of “God Knows”. This was so memorable for the use of the pun ” Dragon Deez Nuts”.
  • With LazuLight, Pendora started hosting a very first sponsored Onmyoji stream on her channel on September 24th.
  • Well, when it comes to her age, it has not been stated properly anywhere. But it is said that she is the oldest member of NIJISANJI EN.
  • She likes to have human food, sleep, and read books.
  • Once she was electrocuted by a jellyfish a long time ago. Since then she has had a fear of fish.
  • She also loves the Harry Potter series a lot.

Social Media

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Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. What is Elira Pendora?

Elira Pendora is an English female Virtual YouTuber and she has an affiliation with the first wave of NIJISANJI EN known as “LazuLight”.

Q. What is the original name of Elira?

Her original name is エリーラ ペンドラ.

Q. Is she fluent in Japanese?

As Elira made full Japanese videos, it seems she is fluent in Japanese.

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