Enna Alouette Face Reveal, Age, Height, Birthday, Past

Who is Enna Alouette?
Enna Alouette is the famous 2D virtual Youtube personality who is currently associated with the third wave NIJISANJI Ethyria. Alouette is originally known as エナー・アールウェット / えなー あーるうぇっと. This female Youtuber is called Birb as well. Enna Alouette Face Reveal, Age, Height, Birthday, shannon, Past, real-life and More.

Enna Alouette is a Canadian who is born on the 20th of February. We can not really guess her age as the year is unknown. She considered herself and was designated by NIJISANJI EN  a bluebird angel of heaven who is fluttering and singing a love song for the living soul. This Hololive Youtuber is 4’11 inches tall which is equivalent to 150 cm. Enna is Pisces by sign and the most used emoji of her is ?.


Enna Alouette Wiki

Real Name Chibidoki
Nickname Birb
Date of Birth 20th February
Age – years as of 2022
Birthplace Will update
Zodiac SignPisces
Height150 cm
Profession Youtuber
Famous For Youtube Videos


Enna Alouette is considered herself an angel from heaven who was once sent to hell to pay for her sins in her past life. But she does not have any memories. Therefore, in the present scenario, she is a blunt and honest girl who possesses a mischieve and sadistic streak.

Alouette has short temper and when provoked, she is remarkable for her frequent swearing. This honest personality always is in limelight for expressing her gratitude toward her followers, fellow Livers, and other significant personalities.

She has an unforgettable, extremely relaxed voice. This English Youtuber has profound control over her voice where she can switch between different drastic voices. People can be mistaken her for someone for her notable and exceptional vocal range. She mostly demonstrated this in the karaoke stream where she can change her voice that suits the situation the best.

Enna Alouette Face Reveal

The visuals YouTubers just as the name suggests keep their original faces hidden under the curtains of their characters. They are called so because they play games with their fans and friends but with using visuals and creative names. Enna Alouette is no exception to this and hence, she has not revealed her real face as of yet. However, she has made public a lot of real-life details about herself, some of which are mentioned below.

enna alouette face reveal
Source – Twitter

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Social media appearances

This young talented girl joined youtube on 15th September 2021. Her ID can be found with her name Enna Alouette. She enjoys a huge fanbase there. She has 92+ videos on her channel and 268k subscrIbers. She posts 5 videos per week. Her most-watched video is I Fly Into The Void that has uploaded 7 months ago and has over 1.5 million views and 15k views.

Enna’s first video was Tomorrow was uploaded on 8th October 2020 and has 45k views and 5.6k likes. Her first original song video was Wish of this Songbird which was uploaded on the 24th of October. This famous song video was loved by 632k viewers. The song was produced by Jairus Cambe.

Enna also covered KING- Kanaria and hosted a Karaoke stream to celebrate his 100,000 subscriber milestones on the 31st of December. A few months later, this middle-aged YouTuber reached 200,000 subscribers on 4th April 2022. Enna’s first merchandise is First Step Good and her Christmas voice pack 2021 went on a sale on the 19th of December.

Alouette possesses a Twitter account with the ID @EnnaAlouette with over 236.9k followers. Undoubtedly it has been proved when her account reached 100,000 followers on 22nd February 2022 that people are showering love on her.


  • Enna speaks English, Mandarin, Japanese, Gibberish, and French.
  • Her most loved animes and manga were Yona of the Dawn, Hunter x Hunter, Kimi no Todoke, Chihiyafuru, Toilet Bound Hanako-Kun, Inuyasha, Haikyuu, and the When They Cry series, and Tokyo Revengers. Hence it is proved that she is indeed an anime lover. Her first ever watched anime was Violet Evergarden: The Movie.
  • Not only she is a fan of anime and manga but she also loves to watch crime documentaries.
  • The video games she likes to play most include UNO, One Hand Clapping, Superhot, Devour, Phasmophobia, Resident Evil, A Way Out League of Legends, Untitled Goose Game, Twelve Minutes, Heavy Rain, Hitman 2, and Little Misfortune.
  • Her hobbies include singing, cooking, reading, pranking, teasing, etc.
  • Her fan following is officially called Aloupeeps. Enna is so fascinated by Elira and wrote LOVE AT FIRST SIGHT on her several posts with blood.
  • Her dislikes include thunder and lighting, swimming, nasty germs, etc.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. What about her partnerships?

Enna was partnered with Pomu, Selen, Nina, Finana, and Millie for streaming online games.

Q. How old is Enna Alouette?

Enna Alouette is a Canadian who is born on the 20th of February. We can not really guess her age as the year is unknown.

Q. What is her Ethnicity?


Q. Does she hate birds?


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