Gong Yoo Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriends and Gong Yoo wife Im Soo Jung

Has Gong Yoo been in a relationship? Gong Yoo Girlfriend, Ex-girlfriends and Gong Yoo wife Im Soo Jung and Gong Yoo Girlfriend List.

In the last decade of the 21st century, K-Dramas have helped in defining romance for many people. Fans of this genre hope that their favorite on-screen couples hope their chemistry and love translate over into the real world as well. Gong Yoo is one such KDrama actor who has won the hearts of many through his performances, and many are intrigued about his relationship status in real life.

Gong Yoo Girlfriend
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Does Gong Yoo have a girlfriend?

While there is no definitive information about who he is dating, over the years there have been rumors associating him with his fellow KDrama stars. You will discover about Yoo’s rumored relationships and flings with his co-stars in this article.

GongYoo Girlfriend List

Gong Yoo Girlfriend Yoon Eun Hye

Who could forget Yoon Eun Hye’s portrayal of Go Eun Chan in the 2007 movie “Coffee Prince”? It has sparked debates and captured the hearts of many. Everyone who saw Eun Hye force her way into Gong Yoo’s room will remember the heated kissing moment. It was realistic and seductive, leading people to believe they were dating. Even after their reunion in 2020, they verified nothing between the two.

Gong Yoo Girlfriend Kim Go Eun

After the premiere of “Guardian: The Lonely and Great God” in 2016, the goblin’s bride has become a symbol in the drama world. She captured the affection of the goblin who was waiting for her for ages while portraying Ji Eun Tak in this epic film. Despite their age gap, Go Eun and Gong Yoo had an amazing rapport. With each love scene, they made everyone’s heart quiver and flush.

Go Eun had been in a relationship with someone else. However, she was said to have split up with her lover just before the end of the series. As if the fire wasn’t already enough, Go Eun shared a photo of herself and Gong Yoo from their wedding in the drama, fueling speculation that she is Gong Yoo’s girlfriend. Both, on the other hand, denied that they were dating.

Gong Yoo Girlfriend Kim Sun Ah

One of his earlier rumored flings, Kim Sun Ah was Gong Yoo’s co-star in the rom-com film “S Diary.” Surprisingly, this is the one case where the rumors did not come from the fans’ interpretation of their on-screen relationship. Rather, Kim Sun Ah herself on a talk show claimed Yoo to be the perfect match for what she looks for in a partner. Thus, rumors that the two are dating spread for a bit.

Gong Yoo Girlfriend Lee Min-Jung

Lee Min-jung is one of the most gorgeous women in South Korea, with a beauty that does not appear to fade. In 2012, both of them were opposite one another in the drama “Big.” Considering their connection in the drama, they appear to have maintained a professional relationship. Min-Jung’s heart has been captured by someone else. Actor Lee Byung-hun, to whom she got betrothed in 2013, was that person.

Gong Yoo Girlfriend Jeon Do-Yeon

You can see why Gong Yoo would have been partnered with Jeon Do-Yeon if you see the hot plot and romance of the film “A Man and a Woman.” The forbidden love affair in the film, as well as a beautiful behind-the-scenes encounter, piqued interest in the two’s relationship. Both worked well together, most likely because they were both employed by the same company, Management Soop. Furthermore, Do-Yeon married a businessman before the movie was shot.

Final Thoughts

At times there have been rumors that Gong Yoo is married, however, these have been cleared by his team and the actor himself to be false. The actor does want to get married hopefully by the age of 40. Earlier he said he would have wanted a partner who had a distinct style and aura to them, however, as he matured he realized he wanted someone who was ordinary.

If you were one of Gong Yoo’s many fans seeking to find out his relationship status, the answer is he is still single. While it may come as a surprise to many, the charming star has not found the perfect one for himself. So don’t lose hope Gong Yoo fans, you may still have a chance!

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