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Who is Kobo Kanaeru?
Kobo Kanaeru, a rain shaman, originally namedこぼ・かなえる is a virtual YouTuber from Indonesia.
A rain shaman in Indonesian is the one who is in charge of the weather. They can affect the weather. The purpose of hiring them is to prevent the chances of rain during events.

She is associated with Hololive Indonesia. Born on 12th December, she is 150cm tall and 40kg in weight. This Sagittarius girl made her debut on YouTube 7 days ago on 27th March 2022. Her nicknames include – Aeru, Kobokan, and The Rain Shaman. In addition, because of her coding skills, she is also called as CSShaman by her fans.


Kobo Kanaeru Wiki

Real Name こぼ・かなえる
Nickname Aeru, Kobokan, and The Rain Shaman
Date of Birth 12 December
Age “I’m legal”
Debut Date27/03/2022
NationalityWill update
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Profession Virtual Youtuber
Famous For Youtube Videos
Height150 cm

Background History

Indonesia’s Hololive third-generation audition was Held Between 25th August and 20th September 2021. On 24th March, the official YouTube channel of Hololive Indonesia introduced its third-generation YouTubers using a small introductory video. The same day Kobo made her first tweet and shared it with.

Her debut video was designed in the form of a website to portray herself as a rain shaman. It also had the original song written, composed as well as sung, and edited by kobo herself, Mantra Hujan meaning rain spell. The full song was released post her debut. As per information, her hollow life inspiration was an advertisement by AZKi.

Kobo Kanaeru Face reveal

Like every other visual YouTuber, she also likes to disguise herself and not reveal her real face by using an Avatar of a girl in with beautiful blue oceanic hair and other distinct features and carrying an umbrella in one of her hands to interact with her audience.

The person behind the curtains of Kobo Kanaeru’s I’d have not revealed her face yet. However, the fans and audience of Kobo Kanaeru know quite a lot of information about her.

Kobo’s Social Media Presence

  • Kobo Kanaeru has a YouTube channel titled– Kobo Kanaeru Ch. Hololive-ID With over 283k subscribers in just 10 videos.
  • Her original profile Hololive profile is on hololive.hololivepro.com. Her Twitter id with the name of – @kobokanaeru has over 130.3k people following her.
  • Kobo also possesses a Facebook account with the name – Kobo Kanaeru Hololive ID.
  • She also has a newly opened Instagram account with more than 5k followers @Kobokanaeru and 5 posts made. Her TikTok I’d is also the same.

Facts about Kobo Kanaeru

  • Since Kobo is a rain Shaman, her most commonly used emoji among the rest is ☔ (an umbrella with rain falling on it).
  • When kobo made her debut, she made it clear that her streaming plan would include free talk, ASMR, learning new languages, reviewing, gaming which includes FPS and mobile games, and cooking though she does know how to cook, sing, Mal Jum with Kobo.
  • Kobo is not only accustomed to Indonesian, Bahasa she can speak kind of a little broken English and as said by her, Japanese of “weeb level”.
  • Aside from her weeb level of Japanese, she knows web-level CSS, HTML, and JavaScript. She calls herself to be still learning but her debut video bears illustrations of advances level features like high-level CSS transitions and animations.
  • In Indonesia, her #AeruSeni which she uses as her art hashtag means Aeru art.
  • Her dislike for long texts is such that she feels sleepy by them and she thinks that they are in no way effective for growing her brain. Instead, she would read 20,000 chapters of the manga and then read long texts.
  • She wants to collaborate with popular other VTubers and YouTubers.
  • She also desires to own a horse herself. She wants to visit Japan and also appear on television using going inside it.
  • She is also interested to try her chance in voice acting for various anime and games.

Social Media

InstagramVisit Now
TwitterVisit Now
TwitchWill update
DiscordWill update
RedditWill update
TikTokWill update
Youtube ChannelVisit Now

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

What are some of Kobo Kanaeru’s likings?

Kobo is fond of meatballs, food, and drinks in matcha flavor, rainy weather, singing, basketball, etc.

What does kobo dislike the most?

She hates spiders the most.

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