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Who is Luca Kaneshiro?
Luca Kaneshiro, the claimed mean and evil mafia boss, originally named ルカ・カネシロ is a visual YouTuber under the affiliation of NIJISANJI EN. Luca originally is regarded as a very charming, energetic, and sweet person. He is as well sometimes compared to a golden retriever. Nina Kosaka says that the most extroverted member from NIJISANJI EN is Luca.

Luca Kaneshiro 23-year-old young Aries mafia boss made his debut on YouTube not much back. He had his grand debut along with other members of Luxiem on 20th December 2021. His nicknames include – Boss, Golden Retriever, and Himbo. His alter ego nickname is – Kanekuro. He also has a nickname for his female alter ego, that is – Lucy.

Luca was born on 10th April, this blond-headed handsome male is 5 feet and 10 inches tall and weighs something approximately 79 to 85 kgs. His hobbies include playing guitar, games, voice acting, running, and singing.


Luca Kaneshiro Wiki

Real Name Luca Kaneshiro
Nickname Boss
Date of Birth 10th April
Age 23 years as of 2022
Debut Date20/12/2021
Profession Vtuber and Twitch Streamer
Famous For Gaming Videos

Luca Kaneshiro Real Face

It is the nature of visual YouTubers that they do not reveal their faces to the public. Luca being of the same troop also prefers to disguise and hide by not revealing his real face to the people. He also likes to keep his real identity hidden under the avatar of a cold Mafia Boss through which he interacts with his fans and audience.

The person behind the face Luca Kaneshiro is yet to reveal his face. There is no update about his face reveal. However, his fans, thew quite a lot about him and his life.

Social media appearance

  • Luca Kaneshiro owns a popular YouTube channel with the user name – Luca Kaneshiro【NIJISANJI EN】. His YT channel has over 473K Subscribers in almost 124 videos.
  • His Twitch account has absolutely no videos but yet has managed to gain 9k followers.
  • He also has a bilibili I’d with the name – @Luca_EN_Official.
  • Luca can also be found on TikTok with the user name @lucakaneshiro
  • He also possesses a Twitter account with the name – @luca_kaneshiro. There he enjoys a considerably huge fan base. He has over 489K followers.

Facts about Luca Kaneshiro

  • Luca suffers from seasonal asthma which shows its signs after 6 months or so. He is scared of syringes and needles.
  • His favorite flower is the rose. But he also loves tulips.
  • He is so loving that every time it’s any of his viewers’ birthday, he plays the Happy Birthday Song for them.
  • Luca is greatly fascinated by jewelry, tattoos, horror games, Gąmbling, food, NIJISANJI, athletics, and other fancy things.
  • He knows how to play piano as he has learned it for over 4 months. He even Possesses a recorder of his own.
  • He also has an electric and an acoustic guitar of himself. He goes through the food critically before consuming it.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. What nationality is Luca Kaneshiro?


Q. How tall is Luca Kaneshiro?

Luca Kaneshiro is 5 feet and 10 inches tall.

Q. Does Luca like coffee or soda?

No, Luka drinks neither coffee nor soda.

Q. Why does he have a female persona? What is its name?

Luca can make girls’ voices too well. That is why he has a female persona and that name is Lucy. People call him Lucy because of his capability to make both male and female voices effortlessly. So when he often makes the female voice people call him Lucy. He sometimes treats Lucy as a separate character.

Q. What is Luca’s favorite ice cream flavor?

Luca’s favorite ice-cream flavor is cookies and cream.

Q. What is something that Luca hates?

Luca hates bugs, vegetables, reading, seafood, and puzzle games.

Q. Why did Luca come to present?

Luca came Teleporting to the present time when he saw that someone was getting beaten up by a guy and he decided To intrude into it. He beat that guy and saved him.

Q. Who arrested Luca and why?

After Luca saved the person he notice that the person he saved had left but had forgotten his bag behind. Luca wished to return the bag to him it later turned out that the man he had protected had stolen it.

Another character named Mysta Rias, a detective was in charge to chase the thief and when he saw the bag with Luca he accused him of being the bag stealer.

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