Millie Parfait Face Reveal, Age, Height, Past Life, Before Nijisanji

Who is Millie Parfait?
Millie Parfait Originally named ミリー・パフェ / みりー ぱふぇ is a female visual YouTuber under the affiliation of NIJISANJI EN, hailing from Canada. The chaotic witch of chaos was born on 12th December. Her age is unknown. Millie has been given nicknames like Great Witch of Calamity and Millie Sorbetes. Millie Parfait Face Reveal, Age, Height, Past Life, Before Nijisanji and More.

She made her debut under NIJISANJI EN’s third wave, Ethyria, on 9th October 2021. This adorable Sagittarius visual YouTube is 150 Cm tall in height. The most used emoji by Millie Parfait is regarded to be a magic wand with sparkles, ? Her sole purpose on earth is to consume all the food on the planet and live a comfortable and fun living here.


Millie Parfait Wiki

Real Name ミリー・パフェ / みりー ぱふぇ
Nickname Great Witch of Calamity and Millie Sorbetes
Date of Birth 12 December
Age – years as of 2022
Debut Date9/10/2021
Zodiac SignSagittarius
Height150 cm
Profession Vtuber Youtuber
Famous For Gaming Videos

Millie Parfait Past Life

As per Millie’s profile on the official website of NIJISANJI EN, she is a monster cat who is creeping through hell. She can be said to be a bit aggressive but it is ascertained that maybe all she craves is some attention.

Millie is most enduring and sweet towards her fan base. She shares a very close relationship with one of her gemmates who debuted with her, Enna Alouette. They are often seen to be sharing their fond memories about their hanging out days during their collaboration streams.

Millie does regular gaming streams and discusses amine and random other topics with her viewers. She even does ASMR streams once a week.

Millie Parfait Face Reveal

Every VTuber prefers to disguise themselves under the skin of a character. Millie is no exception to this. She also prefers to hide under the appearance of Millie Vtuber’s character. The original person hiding in the dark behind Millie’s I’d have not yet revealed her face to her fandom. She is no exception to this and hence, Millie Parfait has not revealed her real face as of yet.

Millie Parfait
Source – Twitter

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Millie Parfait Before Nijisanji

As portrayed in her introductory video, Millie says that she was accused of witchcraft when she was a child and thus was about to be burned at the stake. She was, however, saved by Lucie With whom she got into a pact of becoming a witch in exchange for saving her life. She then relocated herself to the underworld and started on her journey to become the great witch of calamity.

One day in the underworld she had an encounter with Enna Alouette, She gave her A Parfait which was laced with a Pomu leaf. Millie became addicted to it and thus decided to move to earth to find more such parfaits. Here she discovered that her magic did not work on the planet.

She suffered from financial instability, and work stress when she was trying to fit into the regular human society so she decided on becoming a visual YouTuber. The magic wand that Millie possesses his base is said to be her grandmother’s fork back when she was a human child.

Likes and dislikes

  • Millie likes milk, even though she is lactose intolerant.
  • Her likings include food, sleep, attention, money (so she can buy more food), head pats, cute girls, her friends (Lucie, Enna), thighs, Boxes, and NIJISANJI EN among others.
  • She hates bell peppers, spicy food, math, Responsibilities, caffeine withdrawal, adulting, and rage games.
  • Some of her favorite anime or mangas are Full Metal Alchemist, Hunter x Hunter, Kaguya-same:Love is War, Made In Abyss, Keep your Hands of Eizouken, Beastars, etc.


  • Her most viewed video is her debut stream itself which she made on 9th October, 21. She joined YouTube on 15th September 2021.
  • Until her debut, she used to post shorts.
  • Millie is classified under the species of being half a demon which is a result of her pact with Lucie, the one who had saved her.
  • She lovingly calls her fans as FaMillie.
  • She even says that she is the best Waifu material as she can cook, clean, could do chores. She knows how to work in the kitchen, make sandwiches and burgers, and has many more ideal Waifu (wife) qualities.
  • She has a black demon cat as her mascot, Lucie.
  • Lucie is the cat of darkness who is often spotted sitting on Millie’s witch hat or at other times when she is not wearing her hat, on her shoulder.

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Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. Who are Millie Parfait‘s favorite NIJISANJI Livers?

Millie’s favorite NIJISANJI Livers include – Maimoto Keisuke Fumino Tamaki, ZEA Cornelia, Lain Paterson, Machita Chima, Hanabatake Chaika, and Inui Toko.

Q. What nationality is Millie parfait?


Q. What language can Millie speak?

Millie is well accustomed to various languages like English, Tagalog, and Daemonic.

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