Nanashi Mumei Real Face, Wiki, Age, Height, Real identity

Who is Nanashi Mumei?
Nanashi Mumei is a popular second-generation Hololive English Visual YouTuber. She made her debut in 2021. Nanashi Mumei’s name can be interpreted in many ways meaning Ministry- persona, Anonymous. The reason behind this is her canonical inability to remember her name.

Her original name is spelled as 七詩ムメイ. Her nicknames include – Meimei, Guardian of “Civilization” and Nanashi Muman. She joined YouTube on 26th July 2021. And made her debut there on 23rd August 2021.

Mumei’s birthday comes on the 4th of August every year. The year is unknown and thus her age cannot be determined. This cute character is 5 feet and 1 inch tall. As per information relating to her birthdate, she is Leo by sun sign, born in August. Her most-used emoji is a feather ?.


Nanashi Mumei Wiki

Real Name 七詩ムメイ
Nickname Meimei, Guardian of “Civilization” and Nanashi Muman.
Date of Birth 4th August
Age – years as of 2022
Debut Date23rd August 2021
Zodiac SignLeo
Profession Vtuber YouTuber
Famous For Gaming Videos

Nanashi Mumei Real Face

The visuals YouTubers just as the name suggests keep their original faces hidden under the curtains of their characters. They are called so because they play games with their fans and friends but with using visuals and creative names.

Nanashi Mumei is no exception to this. She, as suggested by her character, also plays under the disguise of the character and has not revealed her original face to her fans yet. Yet she has shared a lot about herself, her character’s likes and dislikes, and many more things with her loving fans.

nanashi mumei real face
Source – Nanashi Mumei

Nanashi Mumei Look

She has beautiful golden-brown eyes and maintains a long ponytail decorated with two beautiful feathers attached on top for a silky brown Haired pony. Over her dress, she Wears a light brown shaded cloak secured using a Dark brown ribbon.

She also wears gloves on her hands while keeping her pinky fingers and index fingers bare open.
Another fashion accessory that she wears is a belt around her waist which has a pouch, lantern, and a small dagger attached and hanging with it.

Under her outfit, she also wears a pleated skirt. Below her skirt, she also wears leggings where the left one is of the length of normal socks, that is, below her thighs whereas the right one reaches a length above her thighs.

Lastly, she complements her entire look with a pair of designed brown boots. With her, she carries a paper bag, which she calls a Friend. Her super cute paper bag, Friend, has a mouth drawn and a cross-shaped plaster on its face.

Nanashi Mumei identity

Among all the other five members of the same generation as hers, she was the only one who was not made by gods.

Though she forgets things, her job on earth as a guardian of civilization is to Accumulate and keep track of the history of humans so that it is not forget forgotten. She is also assigned to encourage humankind so that they achieve success as a whole.

Mumei’s original name has already probably been forgotten. She only remembers the name Mumei.
The inspiration behind her Form is – the barn owl, an animal that represents wisdom.

Social media appearance

  • Nanashi owns a popular YouTube channel with the user name – Nanashi Mumei Ch. hololive-EN – YouTube. His YT channel has over 642K Subscribers in almost 152 videos.
  • She also possesses a Twitter account with the name – @nanashimumei_en. There she enjoys a considerably huge fan base. He has over 628K followers.

Facts about Nanashi Mumei

  • She made her debut along with other fellow hololive VTubers like Ceres Fauna, Hakos Baelz, Tsukumo Sana, and Ouro Kronii.
  • She officially named her sweet fans Hoomans. The word is a blend of “hoo”, the sound of an owl, and the world “humans”.
  • The members of her channels are called Owl Pals.
  • Friend (her paper bag) is named so because she is scared that she might fail to remember its name. Another reason behind that name is so that she never forgets that the mascot is her friend.
  • According to her, since she can transform herself into an owl, the frequent transformation from human to bird has resulted in her brain turning bird-like and thus causing her memorizing issues.

Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. What does Nanashi Mumei dislike?

She has mud, mosquitoes, her habit of forgetting things, and printers.

Q. What are Nanashi Mumei’s favorite animes?

Nanashi Mumei’s favorite animes include Bokurano, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Hunter x Hunter, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Made in Abyss, and Steins; Gate. And her mangaise To Your Eternity, Tokyo Ghoul, and Promised Neverland.

Q. What is Nanashi Mumei’s favorite genre of music?

She loves folk, Vocaloid, pop-punk metal with yelling, and JPop.

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