Pomu Rainpuff Face Reveal, Age, Height, Past Life, identity

Who is Pomu Rainpuff?
Pomu Rainpuff is a female Virtual YouTuber of the English group of NIJISANJI En, the LazuLight.
This is a virtual character of a fairy that lived in a lush forest. She is one of the affiliated members of the first wave of NIJISANJI EN – “LazuLight”.

Pomu Rainpuff’s original name is ぽむ れいんぱふ. She has many nicknames like Pomupuff, Pomura Inpuff, PP Fairy, Chaos Fairy, and Pogmu. The name “Pomura Inpuff” is the one in which she got her alter ego. However, the most famous nickname is Pomupuf. She and her fans celebrate her birthday on July 12th. When it comes to physical height, the height of the fairy character is 9 cm but originally she is 156 cm tall.

She has made an online presence only on Twitter and Reddit. @PomuOOC is the ID of Rainpuff’s Twitter account where she has 834 followers precisely. Pomu has a YouTube channel on which she started streaming on the 16th of May, 2021.

Pomupuff made her debut for the NIJISANJI EN’s first wave – LazuLight on the 16th of May, 2021. She did her first live stream on her channel on this date. She was the first member of LazuLight.
Presently, she has over 388k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Besides YouTube, she also does Livestream on Twitch TV.


Pomu Rainpuff Wiki

Real Name ぽむ れいんぱふ
Nickname Pomupuff, Pomura Inpuff, PP Fairy, Chaos Fairy and Pogmu
Date of Birth 12 July
Age – years as of 2022
Debut Date16/05/2021
Zodiac SignCancer
NationalityWill update
Height156 cm
Profession Vtuber Youtuber
Famous For Gaming Videos

Pomu Rainpuff Past Life

When NIJISANJI first began the auditions for their new English Division on November 30, 2020, Pomu Rainpuff gave the audition and was selected for the LazuLight group.

She was the primary member of the LazuLight group. All the members who debuted got their Twitter and YouTube profiles disclosed publicly. At first, Pomupuff’s Twitter account got deleted but she got it back after a few days.

Pomu Rainpuff Face Reveal

Every VTuber prefers to disguise themselves under the skin of a character. Pomu is no exception to this. She also prefers to hide under the appearance of Pomu Vtuber’s character. The original person hiding in the dark behind Pomu’s I’d have not yet revealed her face to her fandom. She is no exception to this and hence, Pomu Rainpuff has not revealed her real face as of yet.

pomu rainpuff face reveal
Source – Twitter

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Pomu Rainpuff identity

The dress that Pomu wears has a blend of white and green. She has a beautiful pair of red eyes.
Since Pomu is a fairy character, her ears have a pointed shape. Her hair is designed to a shade that is slightly brown and yellow. She also wears a green-colored hair band that has floral designs on it.


Pomu is known for her friendly, mischievous, and cheerful nature. She has a great passion for anime and thus she is also called an Otaku. Her streams are full of fun and silly antics. Once she had added wages mix chants during karaoke.

She loves to play a role in the game and sometimes she becomes very serious about the game that she is playing. She also enjoys being playful with her chat members and always tries to find a way to catch them off guard. She is a very hardworking and creative person and is always willing to try various new things.

Rainpuff always tries to provide quality content to her viewers and is also a bit stubborn regarding her plans. She sometimes becomes harsh on herself if she cannot meet her standards and if her plans do not work out.


  • When it comes to her fan base, they are officially known as Pomudachi. The word is the combination of Pomu and Tomodachi.
  • Pomie Party is the name of her membership.
  • Pomu’s YT channel gets monetized on 4th June 2021 and during Cooking Simulator Stream Pomu reached 100,000 subscribers on 23rd June.
  • According to her introductory video, she comes from Virtual Neverland.
  • The clan of fairies from which she comes is known as Rainpuff Clan.
  • Her New Year voice pack 2022 was on sale on 1st January 2022.
  • She has the magical ability to enlarge her body from 9 cm to 156 cm but in this process, her brain size remains the same.
  • She possesses the Cancer zodiac sign. She can transform her wings which allows her to fold them up, turn them into something else or put them away completely.
  • The emojis Pomu uses the most is ??.

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Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. Is Pomu Rainpuff Canadian?

No, Pomu is from the United States.

Q. Why did Pomu take a break?

Pomu has taken a break for about two and a half weeks due to surgery.

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