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Selen Tatsuki is one of the long lines of YouTubers who have made an unshakable place for themselves in the YouTube community ever since the advent under the guidance of NIJISANJI. She is 160 cm in height. Selen is a feisty girl who keeps her fans entertained on her live streams related to video-based gameplay and reviews.

Selen is a part of NIJISANJI’s second-generation group OBSYDIA and this is one of the very few Vtubers who communicate in English throughout their streams. She along with her debut mates Rosemi Lovelock and Petra Gurin also composed, performed, and released a song called Black Out.

Selen Tatsuki’s fans are called Dragons. Other than English she speaks French, Cantonese, and a little Korean. According to popular understanding, Selen Tatsuki’s NIJISANJI application was quite unassuming and was completed within 30 minutes without any prior intention to do so. Selen was not confident in her performance in abilities however was encouraged by her friend to apply, which she did and was selected.

Selen Tatsuki’s past life is a striking one. Her community is known as the Lunar Sky Dragon. Her original occupation was as a dragon tamer and racer. Selen’s birthday is on 30th November. Selen Tatsuki’s dragon’s name is Ember.


Selen Tatsuki Wiki

Real Name セレン 龍月
Nickname Salad Tzatziki
Date of Birth 30 November
Age – years as of 2022
Debut Date17/07/2021
Zodiac SignSagittarius
NationalityWill update
Height160 cm
Profession Vtuber Youtuber
Famous For Gaming Videos

Face reveal

There was actually quite a buzz and excitement about Selen Tatsuki’s face and body reveal. And suffice to say her friends were not disappointed.

Selen Tatsuki has a gentle face with mysterious eyes in a light smile. She is fair and has purple hair with bushy purple ears. Her hair and both sides with pink rubber bands and also have hair clips to match that color. She applies white pink and blue hair clips to her bangs. Her large eyes are of two different hues, her left eye being violet and her right eye a sea blue.

Selen Tatsuki
Source – Twitter

She wore sweatpants and a sweatshirt over a white button-down on her body shot day. She has a pet dragon with crow-like features. She has a unique left hand. One of the most striking features is the huge tail she spots with symmetrical black stripes and a purple tip.


Selen Tatsuki joined YouTube on 9th July 2021. As of June 2022, Selen Tatsuki has 396k subscribers on her YouTube channel. Her YouTube profile mentions that she is a virtual dragon and a liver from wave 2 OBSYDIA. Apart from a major presence which is through her YouTube channel, like most true livers she is also present on Twitter and Twitch. Videos on her channel include more than just gaming sequences. She has a very adorable series called Help Me Study Japanese. She uploads three times each week.

Her debut was through a chatting live stream on the 17th of July 2021. The first game stream took place on the 20th of July, the game being the popular APEX Legends. She has collaborated with YouTubers such as Fruit and Pochi and has been sponsored by Princess Connecti Re: Dive. Reportedly she has won The Great Rosemi-Sama’s Game show, organized by her debut mate Rosemi Lovelock.

Selen Tatsuki Real Life

  • Selen Tatsuki has an unending interest in almost everything. She has a crippling weakness for horror in the anime genre and gaming. She has a strong competitive and assertive personality.
  • Her comfort social media accounts include Reddit and Discord. She has an interest in drawing and once drew all NIJISANJI’S members in dragon form to amuse her fans.
  • Her favorite anime and Manga include Death Note, The World Only God Knows, Pretty Cure, Magical Girl Raising Project, Mameshiba, Transformers, etc. Her favorite games of all time are Spyro, Arcade Shooters, Pajama Sam, Freddie Fish, GMOD, APEX, StarCraft, Splatoon, and many more.
  • Selen Tatsuki is a huge music fan and surprisingly has a soft spot for Disney musicals. Her other favorites are Daft Punk, Wonder Girls, and Caravan Palace.

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Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. Who was Selen Tatsuki?

Selen is a part of NIJISANJI’s second-generation group OBSYDIA and this is one of the very few Vtubers who communicate in English throughout their streams.

Q. Does Selen Tatsuki like mathematics?

Selen Tatsuki dislikes mathematics.

Q. What are Selen Tatsuki’s hobbies?

Selen Tatsuki’s many hobbies include volleyball, drawing, and making bento boxes.

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