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Sonny Brisko is a popularly known Hololive YouTuber under the affiliation of NINISANJI EN. He is originally known as サニー・ブリスコー. This gaming world personality has several nicknames including Commander, Taichou, and Onii. This English Youtuber was born on 6th April. As the year is unknown, so we cannot determine his age. This internet admired personality is also known as Petra Guin which means paintbrush.

Brisko possesses a straightforward attitude toward everything and regarded himself as an officer for the future. This 180 cm tall blond male made his debut on 27th February 2022. A special program was hosted by NINISANJI EN’s channel where Brisko was the member of the first group along with the commentator Reimu Enduo and Ike Eveland.

All of the five members of Noctyx sang an original song named Stuck in the Abby’s and that was released after the first debut.


Sonny Brisko Wiki

Real Name Sonny Brisko
Nickname Commander, Taichou and Onii 
Date of Birth 6 April
Age years as of 2022
Debut Date27 February 2022
Zodiac SignAries
Height180 cm
Profession Virtual YouTuber
Famous For Youtube Videos

Sonny Brisko Outfit

Sonny Brisko wears a black and yellow blended jacket with a collar unbuttoned shirt inside it. Being a commander of an elite special squad of virtual police, he wears a shield to safeguard himself, which has VSF written on it in blue color.

He wears a full-covered black glove on his left hand and a yellow finger revealing glove on his right hand. He wears color-coordinated black pants with belts on them, coupling them with a yellow-black laced boot.

Sonny Brisko Face Reveal

The visuals YouTubers just as the name suggests keep their original faces hidden under the curtains of their characters. They are called so because they play games with their fans and friends but with using visuals and creative names.

He has not shared any picture in this world of the internet. Still, his real face isn’t revealed, and he always uploads animated pictures to himself. Furthermore, he doesn’t like to reveal his face to the media or the public.

Social media appearance

  • This Aries young boy joined Youtube on 8th February 2022. On his channel, Brisko’s most-watched video is Debut Stream Breach (NINISANJI EN). This member of the Nyctox group has 233k subscribers on the YT channel and 78 videos right now.
  • He also has a Twitter account with Sonny Brisko ?? NIJISANJI EN @sonny_brisko with 346.5k followers. He made this account in the same month when he created his YT channel and he first tweeted on 22nd February 2022.
  • His Instagram can be found with the id sonny_brisko_ where he enjoys 2k+ followers. His Youtube channel reached 10k subscribers within a month on 10th March 2022. After that, Brisko opened memberships on his channel on 4th April.
  • His birthday goods and voice went on a sale on his birthday and that was also the first occurrence for the NIJISANJI EN group of birthday-related products.

Facts about Sonny Brisko

  • The fan following or the fan base of Sonny has a name. It is officially called Briskadets. Briskadets is a combination of two separate words, Brisko, and cadet.
  • His YouTube membership also has an official name. His YouTube subscribers are called Brisquad.
  • After being transferred to the present timeline from the future his current job is to investigate cybercrimes in this era as a member of the NIJISANJI EN team.
  • His native language is English. Though he is basically an English speaker, also you can speak a little bit of Japanese.
  • Sonny’s favorite food items include – ramen, sushi, marbled meats, Gyuudon, Gyoza, and Negi (green onions).
  • Though sushi as a whole is his favorite, the type of sushi that sonny likes the most is Aburi engawa. It is his favorite type.
  • There are also certain items that Sonny dislikes. They include – hot weather, driving, beetroot, and getting drunk. He also doesn’t like koalas.
  • Some of the Anime series that are mostly preferred by Sonny are – Cowboy Bebop, Welcome to the NHK, Dragon Ball, One-Punch Man, K-ON!, Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann, Haruhi Suzumiya series/films, Lucky Star, Jinrui Wa Suitai Shimashita, Azumanga Daioh, Neon Genesis Evangelion, Tatami Galaxy, Legend of the Galactic Heroes, Monogatari and last but not the least JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure.
  • Among the manga, his favorite series include Chainsaw Man, Sen to Man, Oyasumi Punpun, Baki the Grappler, Hatarakanai Futari, and Yotsubato.
  • Dragon Ball FighterZ, Earthbound (aka Mother 2), Dishonored, Metal Gear series, Dark Souls, Sekiro, Guilty Gear Strive, the Doom, classic Nintendo games, and the Half-Life series are some of the video games that are included in the list of Sonny’s favorite ones.

Frequently asked questions -FAQs

Q. Who is Sonny Brisko?

Sonny Brisko is a popularly known Hololive YouTuber under the affiliation of NINISANJI EN. He is originally known as サニー・ブリスコー.

Q. Does Sonny have animal ears?


Q. What is the eye color of Sonny Brisko?


Q. When did the Sakura Bloom voice pack go for sale?

On 22nd April

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