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ZealsAmbitions is a well-known Twitch streamer and Lost Ark Livestream. In recent years live streaming has become a popular platform for both audiences and content creators. Apps such as youtube, Twitch, etc., allow content creators to live stream games, interviews, podcasts, and other forms of content for their audiences.

Many streamers have seen their popularity grow rapidly and go on to become celebrities, with some even becoming millionaires. One such personality is South Korean streamer ZealsAmbitions. Now let us look at some interesting facts you should know about ZealsAmbitions Wiki, Age, Real Name, Quit, Twitch, Discord, Instagram, Net Worth and More.

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ZealsAmbitions Wiki

ZealsAmbitions age is not known.

Real Name Josh
Nickname ZealsAmbitions
Date of Birth Will update
Age – years of as 2022
Birthplace South Korea
Nationality South Korean
ProfessionTwitch Streamer
Famous forStreamer


If you are interested in watching ZealsAmbitions, you ought to know some fundamental facts about him.

ZealsAmbitions is from Seoul, the capital city of South Korea. His real name is Josh. However, no one knows his full name. Similarly, neither is his age known to many people. One can assume he is in his 20s by looking at him.


ZealsAmbitions first rose to prominence through youtube. Below are some tidbits about his decade-long youtube career.

  • He started his youtube channel on March 11, 2011.
  • On this channel, he would share videos of him playing games.
  • Such content brought him much recognition in the gaming community.
  • Even though he is a South Korean, his streams are mostly in English.
  • His most popular video has 3.4 million views. In this video, he guides newcomers to the game Genshin Impact.
  • Through his content, He has more than 388,000 subscribers on youtube.
  • The content primarily revolves around the game Lost Ark.
  • Lost Ark is a fantasy online multiplayer roleplaying game.
  • Other than Youtube, one can also find him streaming on Twitch.
  • Another factor that adds to his popularity is his excellent gaming setup.
  • Most of his viewers are from the regions of North America and the United Kingdom. Despite his English content, he is also popular in Germany and Brazil.

Social Media

Like any other content creator and influencer, Josh also has social media accounts with a popular following.

  • His Instagram username is @zealsyoutube.
  • The account has approximately 2000 followers.
  • He is more present on Twitter.
  • Around 19,000 people follow him on his Twitter account.

Zealsambitions Discord

He has 43k members on his Discord server.

Net Worth

You may be curious, just like many other people, about ZealsAmbition’s net worth and earnings. If one refers to the information on Social Blade, on a monthly basis, he earns close to $1.2K  –  $18.5K, while on a yearly basis, he makes approximately $13.9K  –  $221.8K. He has many different income source platforms, and these sources said that he has an estimated $400k-$500k Net Worth.

While the South Korean streamer is not as famous as many of his contemporaries (whose following goes into millions), he has the potential to be one of the well-known streamers of this generation. He has amassed a decent following despite most of his personal life, and his background remains a mystery. There is a good chance he even gets his own Wikipedia page in the near future.

Gaming and, in particular, content surrounding it is only becoming popular. With both children and adults heavily invested in following such content, streamers are becoming household names. One should look out for ZealsAmbitions becoming such a personality in the future because he definitely has the potential to do so.

Frequently asked questions: –

Q. Who is Zealsambitions?

ZealsAmbitions is a well-known Twitch streamer and Lost Ark Livestream.

Q. What is real name ZealsAmbitions?

His real name is Josh. However, no one knows his full name.

Q. How old is ZealsAmbitions?

ZealsAmbitions age is not known. One can assume he is in his 20s by looking at him.

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