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Hero Hei is a famous YouTuber. Most personalities on the internet have their fair share of controversy, however, some are surrounded by it constantly. Hero Hei is such a personality. An American Youtuber, he covers anime and manga through a conservative lens. Often his commentary and antics have attracted controversy towards him. You can learn about his career and life over the course of this article. Hero Hei Wiki, Age, Real Name, Drama, Hate, Controversy and More.


Hero Hei Face

Hero Hei Face
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Here are some basic facts from Hei’s life to help you familiarise yourself with the YouTuber.

  • Surprisingly despite how popular he and his channel are, there is no public information about his age and name.
  • We do however know that he resides in Los Angeles, California.
  • One can find him active on forums other than Youtube, such as Instagram, Twitter, etc.
  • Uploads are a daily feature of his Youtube channel.
  • This has led to him posting close to 1500 videos over his internet career.
  • As a result, Hei has amassed more than 450,000 followers.
Real NameNot Reveal
NicknameHero Hei
Date of BirthNot Reveal
Age– Years as of 2022
BirthplaceLos Angeles, California, United States
Zodiac signWill update


Hero Hei began by writing RWBY critiques, hypotheses, and character analysis. He would sometimes discuss different shows, such as Samurai Jack, although the account remained mainly dedicated to RWBY. Focus shifted on shows like Darling in the Franxx and Attack on Titan after RWBY’s volumes finished. With the Vic Mignogna controversy, he shifted his content to commentary. Mignogna had been called out by many people for inappropriate physical behavior, during the MeToo movement. As a result, many companies let go of him.

However, Hei defended Mignogna and felt that the harassment claims were exaggerated. This would see the YouTuber become a commentator on the issues surrounding the anime industry. On Twitter, he condemns the social justice movement for implementing different measures for different social classes.

Occasionally he would make videos that are unrelated to anime but are based on Japan. Despite being chastised for his “fake and misleading” thumbnails, disinformation, and “anti-SJW” attitudes, he nevertheless built up a large following among YouTube’s anti-SJW audience.

He’s also been reprimanded for his misogynistic beliefs. He frequently criticises Outsiders who make offended remarks about Japan, stating that Japan’s traditions should be respected and that they are offended on behalf of others.


Harassment of Neath Oum

When Monty Oum, the inventor of RWBY, passed, his brother Neath carried on the project. Hei had tormented Neath and fabricated lies about him, according to Neath.


The Youtuber Sen has created several videos wherein he criticizes Hei, claiming that he can’t take criticism and banning him off his server. He’s been compared to another Youtuber known as TheQuartering because of the way he goes overboard on certain issues (for example, has made 29 videos on Uzaki Chan).

Hero Hei is Bad

By all means, Hei’s content is not for everyone. His hot takes can often go beyond a limit by judging someone based upon their identity and background. Under the garb of critique, the creator often harasses others he does not tend to agree with. While he clearly is a big fan of Japanese culture and tradition, anyone who does not look at it the same way he does is often subject to reprimanding from him.

Even others in the anime community who do not see eye to eye with him are vilified. But it seems that while Hei dishes out criticism, he can’t take it, as highlighted by Sen and others. You may not agree with what Hei has to say, many don’t, however you should check his content out, to get a clearer idea.

Hero Hei Girlfriend

Hero Hei doesn’t love to reveal his personal or love life publicly. That’s why if you still want some more extra information, then definitely you can check back later.

Facts about Hero Hei

Some fun facts about the contentious Youtuber.

  • He hopes for a relationship between the characters Nuts and Dolts
  • Martial arts seems to be another passion of his. A practitioner of Muay Thai, he pursues it beyond his Youtube career
  • Bible Black, a somewhat known anime, influenced his username.

Hero Hei Twitter

He has great followers on her Twitter, which is more than 41k followers.

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