Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend, Who is His Girlfriend?

Is Ji Chang-Wook Dating Anyone? Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend, Who is His Girlfriend?

Ji Chang Wook is among the most well-known and recognised South Korean stars in the world. Having two k-dramas in the cards in 2022, ‘The Sound of Magic’ and ‘Mr. Right,’ the star is looking forward to a successful year. Because of Ji Chang Wook’s large fan following and pleasant attitude, the media is all over him, covering everything from who he’s dating to what he’s eating.

It wasn’t until Empress Ki, that Ji Chang Wook received the respect he merited. From then onwards, with every release, the actor proceeded to surprise his growing following From his excellent acting skills to his own stunts, he has it all. The actor’s dating life is something that people are still curious about. If you are one such fan, this article is meant for you! Let us take a look at the various rumours surrounding Ji Chang Wook’s love life.

Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend
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Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend List

Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend Park Min-Young

Ji Chang Wook was linked to actress Park Min-young, according to reports. Such suspicions started circulating when people noted that the two actors were close off-camera since both celebrities shared photos of themselves with each other on social networking sites. The two, on the other hand, refuted the rumours and described one other as close friends. “Did we do a very great job in our acting?” he said when asked about the dating rumours.

Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend Nam Ji Hyun

Ji Chang Wook and Nam Ji Hyun co-starred in the drama ‘Uncontrollably Fond’ in 2017. Many people assumed the two actors were dating since their connection was so strong. When questioned about their ideal spouses in an interview, they mentioned attributes found in one another. However, the two stars have always shrugged it off as they watched their fans ship them on the internet.

Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend Ha Ji-Won

The stunning actress met Ji Chang-Wook while working on the drama series ‘Empress Ki.’ Fans couldn’t help but wonder whether the two had a real-life connection. Such rumours stemmed from how they seemed to mesh so well in the series. This idea gained traction after fans witnessed actor Ji Chang-Wook constantly complementing the actress, stating she was a good listener and had a happy demeanour, during an interview with both actors.

Despite how wonderful these two looked on television, neither has revealed that they are anything more than buddies.

Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend Kim Joo-Ri

The star was associated to Kim Joo-Ri, a former Miss Korea, around 2015. The two were seen together several times, and they were both wearing the same jewellery and goggles. As a result, there was some suggestion. that the two were dating. But there is no concrete evidence to suggest the rumours were true.

Ji Chang Wook Girlfriend Yoona

Following their roles in the drama series ‘The K2,’ Yoona became the new focus of the relationship rumours surrounding Ji Chang-Wook. Viewers couldn’t help but note that both actors performed a kissing scene in the series. Moreover, the scene felt too real.

After the show, Ji Chang-Wook gave an interview. He was asked about the rumours around him and Yoona. Ji Chang-Wook responded with a simple, “Again?”. After offering one of the best reactions to a dating rumour, he went on to explain that the rumours were simply not real. That they were simply a misunderstanding.

Final Thoughts

Ji Chang-Wook is one of the most charming personalities to emerge from South Korea. Looks, personality, humour, he has it all. Yet, surprisingly the star is still single as of today. It becomes even more surprising when one sees his performances, and chemistry with fellow actors, in dramas and rom-com. His single status is not due to his own demands with relationships.

In fact, the actor states that he is not someone who is hard to get. However, he does have a fear of getting dumped or rejected. This fear is due to his past relationships and experiences. For some fans who are attracted to him, knowing he is single would be music to his ears. However, deep down, even they want Ji-Chang Wook to find his special one soon. Who knows maybe 2022 might be the year he does so!

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