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Jayson Love is a well-known Manvsgame Twitch streamer. We live in the era of streaming. Anything from movies, web series, interviews, gameplay, etc. can now be streamed on our screens at the highest video quality. Many platforms support streaming. One such platform is Twitch, which has made many streamers into overnight celebrities. MAN, real name Jayson Love, is one such streamer who has grown popular due to his Twitch channel. His show, MANvsGame, where he plays different videogames is the main content streamed on his channel.

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Manvsgame Wiki

Before you dwell deeper into his career, you should learn some of the simple facts about him.

  • His real name is Jayson Lowe.
  • He is 42 years old.
  • Currently resides in the United States of America.
  • Is active on social media forums such as Twitter, Reddit, etc.
Real Name Jayson Love
Nickname Manvsgame
Date of Birth Will update
Age 42 years as 2022
Birthplace Billings, Montana
Nationality American
ProfessionTwitch Streamer
Famous forStreamer


Love had completed a college education before he became a streamer, here are some more interesting biographic details of his life.

  • Completed his undergraduate degree from Minnesota State University in 2005.
  • His degree was in East Asian Studies, with special attention to the Japanese language and culture.
  • After graduating indulged in different part-time jobs.
  • In the middle of such jobs, he began streaming his show Man vs Game series on Justin. tv.
  • Left his other job in 2013 and began to pursue streaming as a full-time occupation.
  • The show became popular due to his communication abilities and the personal vibe one could feel from his show.

Drug Addiction

All of us at some point in our life go through personal issues that are on the verge of breaking us. For Love, it was his drug addiction problem that nearly derailed his life.

  • Announced his addiction issues to his viewers on a video stream in December 2015.
  • Spent an hour discussing his addiction issues and the depression he suffered from.
  • Mentioned that whenever he was streaming, he would be high on some form of drug to keep him going.
  • Talked about how some friends did try to help, but his private nature prevented him from accepting it.
  • Dissuaded fans from feeling that they know him just because they form a parasocial bond with him by viewing his content.
  • Highlighted how fans only see a small side of him and most of his life is kept in the unknown
  • Was surprised that no one recognized he may have a drug problem since his streams would go for hours, and at some point even for days.

Twitch Account

As mentioned earlier, Love’s claim to fame has been his twitch Account. On his Twitch channel, he has more than 500,000 followers. He has streamed over 300 hours on this account, and overall the channel has content that goes above a whopping 800,000 hours.

  • He has 4.9k members on his Discord server.
  • He is more present on Twitter. Around 85k people follow him on his Twitter account.

Manvsgame Girlfriend

He doesn’t love to reveal his personal or love life publicly. There is no information on manvsgame’s previous relationships. That’s why if you still want some more extra information, then definitely you can check back later.


  • ManvsGame continues to be a popular show for many viewers, and Love continues to be a popular streamer.
  • Like any other human, he has faced his ups and downs but has overcome them as well.
  • His path to becoming a streamer was by no means easy, till he began to earn a stable revenue from streaming, odd jobs were his primary source of income.

The streamer’s story also helps the fans realize that their heroes are at the end of the day humans as well. We may think we know them, but honestly, we only know about them through the information that is available in public. Getting too attached to them will not help any person involved. Neither will be judging people you know very little about. If you are on the lookout for entertaining and relatable content, then Love’s twitch channel is meant for you. Do check out his other social media profiles on websites such as Twitter and Reddit to get to know him more. Love’s popularity will only grow as streaming platforms develop and become more popular across the globe.

Net Worth

He has many different income source platforms, and these sources said that he has an estimated $400k-$500k Net Worth. But, this amount isn’t revealed yet, and many calculations and analyses do not estimate this.

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