Mysta Rias Face Reveal, Wiki, Age, Height, Past Life

Who is Mysta Rias?
Mysta Rias is the alias of a British male virtual YouTuber associated with the fourth wave of Nijisanji EN, Luxiem. Mysta is supposedly a detective from the past who is known for his eccentricity.

He is also stated to be an inherent genius who has put an end to numerous mysteries with the help of his fine sense of detection. Mysta, according to his profile, is described as a loud and outspoken speaker with a witty and peculiar personality, alongside a liking to profanity.

Mysta also possesses a sense of maturity, which allows him to be able to discuss and address serious issues whenever required. Mysta is 177cm tall and he has an outstanding Cockney accent. He pets two cats, named Tom and Jerry, and also dogs named, Cloudy and Dusky.


Mysta Rias Wiki

Real Name Mysta Rias
Nickname Bo’om, Dog Boy, Bussy Saka and Mpreg Rias
Date of Birth 20 January
Age 25 years old
18 years old (delusion)
Debut Date20/12/2021
NationalityWill update
Zodiac SignAquarius
Profession Virtual Youtuber
Famous For Youtube Videos
Height177 cm

Mysta Rias Face Reveal

A virtual YouTuber is one whose distinguishing feature is that these people do not reveal real faces. But instead, use an avatar as their alias to interact with their audience. The original person hiding in the dark behind Mysta’s I’d have not yet revealed his face to his fandom. He is no exception to this and hence, Mysta Rias has not revealed his real face as of yet.

mysta rias face reveal
Source – Twitter

Mysta Rias is no exception to this and hence, he has not revealed his face as of yet. However, he has made public a lot of real-life details about himself, some of which are mentioned below. Keep visiting. We will try our best to update Mysta Rias real face information as soon as possible.

Past Life

When NIJISANJI EN began with two sets of auditions on 18th June 2021, one was exclusively for male livers. This audition, while lasting until 1st August, led to NIJISANJI EN announcing the upcoming debut of their fourth wave named “Luxiem”, on 17th December 2021.

Their debut was streamed alongside a teaser that showcased the voices and designs of the new Livers. This audition was what led to Mysta creating his own YouTube channel on 1st December 2021. Subsequently, he also created a Twitter account that very month. The first tweet tweeted by Mysta was on 17th December 2021.


Mysta is widely famous for figuring out some of the most difficult cases in the whole country. He found himself teleported to the current times whilst pursuing this one case for a few months then.

It revolved around an infamous anonymous thief who managed to leave no crumbs at any of his crime scenes, making it impossible for Mysta to track him down or identify him. However, the keen sense of smell possessed by Mysta gave the thief away.

It turned out to be Luca Kaneshiro but it was soon revealed in a video of his own lore that he was not the actual thief. Abruptly, Mysta was swooped off by a force of mysterious nature, which teleported him to a dark place.

Mysta witnessed a light at the end of the tunnel at this place and soon got intoxicated at a bar. It is at this very bar where the barman introduced Mysta to virtual YouTubers or VTubers. Expecting that it would help him catch the thief and return to his normal life, Mysta decided to become a VTuber.


  • Mysta has so many Nicknames like Bo’om, Dog Boy, Bussy Saka and Mpreg Rias.
  • Mysta likes music by Fox Stevenson. He does not like sushi. Although he likes lilac scents, Mysta does not like bubble tea, chocolate mint, sparkling water, vanilla, and matcha.
  • Mysta prefers red grapes. His favorite color is black. His favorite animal is a red panda.
  • His favorite cake is chocolate. He pours cereal before milk. Also, Mysta loves to kiwi with the peel.
  • Despite thinking pineapple might be good on pizza, he would never buy one. His favorite junk food is salami and Slush Ice. Mysta likes ciders and cocktails, but he does not like beers. Mysta does not drink tea or coffee.
  • His favorite Pokémon is Sylveon. Rias has only one piercing in the left ear.

Social Media

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Frequently Asked Question – FAQs

Q. What is the nationality of Mysta?

He is half British and half Filipino.

Q. How old is Mysta Rias?

Mysta Rias is 25 years old 18 years old (delusion).

Q. How tall is Mysta?

Mysta is 177cm tall.

Q. What is the relationship between Mysta and Shu?

They are very close to each other as they designed a character together.

Q. Is mysta Rias Filipino?

He is half British and half Filipino.

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